Why Join RTOA? 2016-06-08T17:16:22+00:00

Why Join RTOA?

The RTOA has always fiercely fought for and protected the interests of Franchisees.

By pooling our time and resources, we have been able to accomplish as a group
what no individual Franchisee can do on their own.

As an RTOA member, you also get:

• Access to free employee handbook
• Access to HR Hotline
• Annual review of the RTFC Ad Fund
• Annual meeting/convention
• The benefit of virtually unlimited knowledge and advice from fellow Franchisees
• Owner-only resources on the RTOA website
• Representation in vendor contract negotiations
• Representation with RTFC
• Member-focused committee efforts (Marketing, Membership, PRDC, Insurance & FRC)
• Protection of the integrity of the Franchise Agreement by the FRC
• Membership committee that does all fundraising for the RTOA