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About RTOA

The RTOA was organized in 1972 by a group of franchisees that joined together to speak with one voice to vendors, the franchisor (RTFC) and each other. Incorporated in 1981, the RTOA has developed into a strong and forceful association: an association so unique that it makes its vendors partners through membership in the organization; an organization that understands that all our members have something to contribute; an organization that stands up for its members.

The RTOA Is Here to Support You

Your Membership Benefits

  • Access to free Employee Handbook.

  • HR Hotline.

  • Annual review of Ad Fund.

  • Annual Meeting / Convention.

  • Opportunities to gain knowledge and receive advise from fellow Franchisees.

  • Protected RTOA members only web pages. 

  • Representation in vendor contract negotiations.

  • Representation with RTFC to resolve franchisee concerns.

  • Opportunities to participate on Committees (Marketing/Membership/PRDC/Insurance/FRC).

  • Protects the integrity of the Franchise Agreement (FRC).

As a Round Table Pizza Franchisee, you are encouraged to join the Round Table Owners Association (RTOA).  

Annual dues in the Association are $150 for the first restaurant plus $100 per each additional restaurant owned. 

Need more information? Click here to review the RTOA Membership Brochure.


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