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The Round Table Owners Association (“RTOA”) was organized in 1972 by a group of franchisees that joined together to speak with one voice to ven­dors, the franchisor (RTFC) and each other. Incorporated in 1981, the RTOA has developed into a strong and meaningful association– an association so unique that its vendors become its Associate Members and an organization that represents its members.  

During four decades, RTOA has brought franchisees together to share information, to discuss mutual and indi­vidual problems, and to develop common goals.

The RTOA works with the franchisor, Round Table Franchise Corporation (“RTFC”), in a professional, businesslike manner to gather facts, frame issues and analyze our system’s business.

The RTOA provides forums for its Members to:

  • Control their destinies via a unified voice;
  • Exchange knowledge and ideas with each other and with Associate Members; and
  • Articulate, communicate and resolve concerns with RTFC;

Board of Directors

There are seven RTOA board members who each serve two-year terms. Elected by the Regular Membership, three directors begin serving in year one and four other directors begin serving in year two. Any Regular Member can seek election to the board.

RTOA Board of Director meetings are conducted monthly and RTOA Members are encouraged to attend. The Board Meeting schedule and directors’ addresses, phone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses are posted on the RTOA website –

Round Table Times

The RTOA has shifted its communication focus to a web-based forum.  As the opportunity presents itself, the RTOA may, at its discretion, publish an edition(s) of the RT Times (i.e., following the yearly Convention).  Due to the limitations of publication, printing and distribution of any written newsletter, the timeliness and, in turn, the relevancy of the content is not optimum; therefore, the majority of our communication is through the RTOA web site.


In addition to the monthly RTOA Board of Directors meetings, the RTOA conducts different forums to achieve its stated mission.


The RTOA conducts its business with the use of internal committees. Many Regular Members and Associate Members participate on one or more committees and often work with RTFC in developing tools for attaining mutual goals such as:

  • Effective system wide and local marketing programs;
  • Optimum purchasing power;
  • Consistent high standards of customer service; and 
  • Testing of new products

Committee work often involves the sharing of information and ideas between fran­chisees and the franchisor before decisions are made. The committees actively seek input from the regular and associate membership. Committees make recommendations to the RTOA Board of Directors.

RTOA Committees include Finance/Budget, Program, Insurance, Bylaw/Policy, Membership, Fran­chise Relations and Convention. RTOA-RTFC joint committees include Product Review and Development (PRDC) and Marketing.

Associate Members

Established in 1988, this Associate Membership is designed to en­hance the RTOA mission by actively including the Round Table vendors’ perspectives in the decision making process.

In addition, our Associate Members’ generosity makes possible the RTOA programming, including the annual Round Table Pizza Convention.   

Companies doing business with the Round Table sys­tem for at least 90 days and nominated by two (2) or more RTOA members with whom they do business are eligible to join the program. 

The Associates may attend the An­nual meeting, General meetings (when scheduled) and, of course, the annual Round Table Pizza Convention.

The Associate Membership is primarily composed of vendors from three general categories: distribution, manufacturing and service. The Associate Membership elects a president at the annual Round Table Convention. The Associate President may appoint two consultants from any of the three vendor categories. At the discretion of the Associate President, these consultants may serve as liaisons to the RTOA Board of Directors.