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Welcome to our newly nominated Board Members.  Click on each name to get to know us better:

 President: Izak Ondre’, Vice President:  John Budd, Ali Kerachi, Director:  Charles Brennan  Director: Lance Hungerford, Convention Co-Chair: Jim MacDonald , Director:  Kyle Quatman , Director:  Michael Osogwin, Director, Bylaw and FRC Chair:  Jeff Acton, Insurance Chair: Dick Easton Convention Chair:  Brad Friedman, Treasurer: Allen Toy, Membership Chair: Shel Berz, Executive Director:  Walter Gesek ,  Carey Jones : Admin

For general questions and info, e-mail admin@rtoa.org  Owners, please go to RTOA Reports to find recent information.  If you still need to re-register for the RTOA site, click here.  Remember to check our Associates’ Pages!!!

Interested potential Associates please call Walt Gesek, our Executive Director(his e-mail address is:  waltergesek@comcast.net)